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If you are currently paying for display ads in your localized Yellow Pages, you can greatly benefit by giving KMG a call. Since 1996 we have saved small businesses over $2.8 million on their current yellow page advertising programs. In fact, in almost all cases we did this strictly by creating a more professional ad and we maintained their SAME SIZE & SAME LOCATION in the book. Here’s how it’s done…

Being in corporate marketing & design, we have long seen the need for improvement in artworks that are currently placed throughout the entire yellow pages. We have combined our artistic talents with extensive one-on-one training from retired yellow page representatives on how we could improve the overall cost effectiveness of a yellow page ad. Our experience has taught us that there are a lot of companies that tend to overspend when advertising in yellow pages and you certainly won’t be convinced otherwise by a commissioned sales representative. Since our training, we became a member of the Yellow Page Publisher’s Association, which gives me access to the rates and data publication, so we can see the pricing in detail of what people COULD be paying.

Our philosophy is simple! We simply take out what is costing you so much extras money and replace it with a more effective ad, designed with a professional touch, at a lower price, and the savings is GUARANTEED! All that I ask is for you to give one of our representatives 10-20 minutes of your time via phone to help show you how we can save you money. After our conversation, it will be clear to you that you will have an ad that will give you a leg up on the competition and be spending less money doing it. It’s that simple! We look forward, not to only hearing from you this one time, but many other times as KMG 360 wishes that this is just the beginning of a long-term business relationship.

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